thoughts about last week

Last week was a long, drawn out week.  Ever had those?  The Mr. & I are fully aware that things – important things – need to get taken care of and yet, somehow, we fail to accomplish anything.  We have been passing some sort of cold through our little family so there’s been much napping, nose blowing & trips to the store for medicine as of late.  A lot of getting better, but not a lot of doing.

Last week, we made the decision to stop looking for a home to buy and decided that we should rent a home in the area that we live for at least the next year.  Every home in our price range needs repairs…….change the siding, replace the kitchen entirely, mold in bathrooms, leaky pipes, crumbling front porches, holes in walls of every bedroom…….the list goes on and on.  Did I mention that this was the case for every single house we looked at?  It’s exhausting.  And disappointing.  And far beyond our budget to repair such things in a timely manner.  So renters we will be.  But even that has proved to be difficult.  I am telling myself that the right house will come in time.  We are trying our darndest to keep the kids in the same schools in an effort to provide them with some stability.  It’s proving to be a challenge, but that just seems to be how our lives are right at the moment.  Challenging.   

But there is something to be said about challenging times.  I hit a low and then somehow decide that I’ve done enough boo-hooing and it’s time to do better…..be better.  This is when I grow as a person and stretch to accomplish things I never thought I could.  Or at the very least I am accomplishing things I’d rather not take on.  Because life is like that sometimes – taking on challenges that we would never choose for ourselves but must be dealt with regardless.  It makes us stronger.

Our holiday weekend was just the dose of happiness I needed.  Our little family camped all weekend near the Rappahanock River.  Fishing, s'mores & digging for mini clams in the river were on the agenda.  We made new friendships with extended family (hello!!) and I got to relax - something that doesn't come by very often for this mama of four.  Did you have any fun plans for the weekend?


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