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Mother's Day could not have come at a better time for me. Although I was fully recovered from surgery by then, I needed an excuse to get cute & go out with the Mr.  Recovering from illness or surgery sure does have a way of making you feel much less than attractive, doesn't it? So it was off with the pajama pants and on to the thrift shop for a new-to-me vintage dress, 2 sweaters, 1 skirt & top.   After a quick detour to the library (Because let's face it, we are parents to four kids who LOVE to read and we can't get through an entire date just to do date stuff. We must always sneak in an errand or two because it is soooo much easier to do it sans kiddos), we hit up Panera Bread for yummy sandwiches for dinner.  I think it's our new favorite date place to eat.  I brought home a carrot cake cupcake to share with the Mr. on Sunday evening.  It had a cream cheese filling that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  And then we decided last minute to see Avengers.  The only showing left was in 3D and we paid a pretty penny for it too.  Sadly, the junior mints we got to eat with our popcorn (Have you ever had them together?  It's the perfect salty & sweet combo)  were stale & the Mr. returned them & got m-n-m's instead.  Not my favorite but I do love chocolate so it worked out.

Much love,
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