color them happy

I recently tidied up some of our kitchen cupboards, dedicating one whole shelf to art supplies for the kids.  There is one container for scissors and another for markers.  One container for crayons and one for tape.  My kids have a thing for tape.  Their obsession used to be staples but they broke the Mr.'s fancy stapler and he was none to happy.  Tape has replaced staples.  Oh, and there is a small bucket with watercolor paints, bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

The sun decided to make an appearance in-between several days of rain and gloomy weather, giving the kids the perfect excuse to grab that sidewalk chalk and doodle all over our front porch and sidewalk.  They drew to their heart's content for a full two hours and this mama was more than happy that they were getting along for so well for such a long period of time.  Two hours? Unheard of!

It was raining yesterday and Noah was all geared up to color the bricks pastel yellow and pink again. He was devastated when I told him the color wouldn't stick to the brick because of the rain. He didn't like that explanation very much. I had him help me make lasagna for dinner instead. Food is always a good distraction.

Happy Tuesday,

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