noah's 6th birthday//camping party

Noah turned 6 last week.  In honor of his big day, we threw him a party.  He chose a camping theme and I gathered ideas from the web and a Mingle magazine my mama kindly gave me, which just happened to have a camping party featured in the first article.  We invited all his church friends for fishing, arrow tossing, a scavenger hunt, cake and ice cream.

We love our little Nonee to bits and feel so blessed that he is such a sweet, honest and loving kid. We can't imagine our family without him in it.

[note to self: our future home must have a brighter kitchen.  must!]


  1. Dearie,
    Everything you are posting is so so so beautiful. I love looking at your blog and catching up. I'm sorry I haven't been able to lookie lou more often. You, my dear, are inspirational.
    love love,

  2. You are so sweet Kitty. Have a lovely day!


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