one of those weeks

It's been one of those weeks. The week where your washing machine smells like it caught on fire during the spin cycle and the auto mechanic has informed you it will cost a whopping $1,800.00 to repair the van you just paid off 2 months ago. Or maybe it's the week that the leaf collector drives right by your house because you were the only one on the street that didn't scoot those pesky leaves on over for pickup. You could have asked your 80 year old neighbor to do it, but he was too busy raking his own cruddy leaves. Oh no. I know. It's the week you find out you left a very important folder at church and need it to plan a lesson for a meeting that week but have no car to go hunt it down.  And forget about leaving the house because you lost your key to the front door and it is nowhere to be found.  Maybe it's in the van that's sitting in the shop.........

I'm hoping my week only goes up from here. What about you - tell me about your cruddy week. Seriously. I want to know.


  1. Wow! I will share my week with you in a reply to the email you sent me. I don't know if it is a cruddy week but it is definitely one that is a 10 on the "you wanna run that by me again?" scale! Hope your week gets better and I will email you tomorrow or Thurs after my 3 (yes, 3) doctor appts tomorrow! Miss you tons!

  2. I hope all your doctor visits went well Michelle. I hope you are hangin' in there! I look forward to your email :)


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