cheap valentine date

That's right.  I'm a cheap date.  Really, we live on a tight budget.  The Mr. & I swap being in charge of Valentine's Day and our anniversary every year.  My mission this year?  To come up with a cheap date for our lovey dovey day.  I made a homemade pizza, bought some strawberry crush pop, and made red velvet cupcakes.  We grabbed a blanket, some battery operated tea lights, a favorite movie and headed over to our church building.  We set up camp on the floor in one of the rooms, ate by the candlelight and cuddled during the movie.

Don't worry, I didn't forget about our kiddos.  Yes, I love them too ;)  So I left them love notes on the chalkboard, decorated the table, made them a pizza and bought them strawberry pop.  They snarfed down cupcakes & m-n-m's for dessert and watched a Charlie Brown valentine classic on netflix.

Our weekend was also filled with fun and illness. I'll share more of that tomorrow :)

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