our first garden

When we moved into our little brick rental home, I was super excited about the possibility of growing our first ever garden.  I've wanted a garden for years, but always put it on the back burner because we had a handful of pesky gophers on our property in Arizona that ate anything and everything in sight.  Those sneaky suckers were so tricky to kill (nearly impossible, really) that I knew any efforts to grow juicy, delicious veggies would be in vain.  But here in Virginia, we've been told we can grow just about anything and I was hooked on the idea of having a little garden in the back yard.

The Mr. and I picked up supplies one weekend, along with some seeds of several kinds of vegetables.  Carter needed to pass some projects off for cub scouts, so he and the Mr. built the frame for the garden using a circular saw and a drill.  We planted the seeds just this weekend, keeping our fingers crossed that something will grow successfully.  It's a small leap of faith to put so much effort into something and not know what the exact results will be.

To protect our seeds and future crop, we put together a cage using chicken wire and sticks we found in the yard.  While putting it together, the Mr. & I decided there were probably 100 other ways we could have done it better, but decided to move forward with our original plan and make a better one next year.  Hopefully it will keep the deer, moles, and voles out.  Hopefully......

The weekend was so beautiful and we finished up the garden this past weekend.  The kids came out to enjoy the weather and found a few fuzzy caterpillars scooting their way around the yard.  The last time I saw a caterpillar was in Pennsylvania where I grew up as a little girl.  It makes my heart happy that my kids get to have the same little experiences with nature that I did growing up.  Moving them across the country has given our littles so many more experiences with nature.

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