diy//desert terrarium 101

This is a fun and super easy project for your kiddos to do.  Carter needed to make a terrarium for scouts and I was missing the Arizona desert, so this project satisfied both of our needs.  I let Carter do most of the work, only stepping in to help keep the soil from going all over the place.  We put the terrarium together in our living room because the best natural light is in that room of our home and I needed good light for picture taking.

As for the materials, we were able to purchase the succulents and cactus soil in the garden section at Lowes.  You need cactus soil for succulents because it drains well.  I picked up the white rocks at PetSmart where the fish supplies are sold.  They have several colors to choose from.  I went with the white rocks because they go best with our home decor.  The fish bowl was less than $4 from Michaels. I am loving the way this terrarium turned out and hope my brown gardening thumb doesn't kill it ;)

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