Mother's Day

Mother's Day was completely wonderful.  And I can say that because I have 15 of them under my belt and most never met my expectations.  I selfishly used to think that this special day was all about me and that I deserved a nice breakfast in bed and should be showered with gifts and handmade crafts the kids would make at school.  I didn't want to lift a finger and I wanted this day to be all about me.  Me, me, me.  I mean really, didn't anyone know just how much I went through to have four kids???  And I would get really down by the end of the day because I wasn't as spoiled as I wanted to be.

I was purely selfish.  I know it.  And I am not proud of it.

My focus shifted this year.  After coming home from church, I changed out of my dress and plopped onto the couch.  I looked around and happiness filled my heart.   My children were laughing and carrying on and I was happy that they get along so well.  They are gifts from heaven and I am deeply grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to be their mother.   It's very humbling.  My sweet husband showered me with love and that is way better than any gift, although he did have a few surprises for me throughout the day.  I reflected on the state of our little brick rental home and it was a bit of a mess.  But I didn't care because it meant that our home is lived in and well loved.  I felt such a connection to all of these things.  I felt fulfilled.

We all worked together to tidy up so that the missionaries from our ward (church) could skype with their moms that evening.  It's the one day of the year, out of the whole 2 years they are away from home, that they get to talk to their mothers.  It was so impressed with the amount of love and gratitude these two 18 year old boys have for their mothers.  It made me realize that my time with my children is so precious.  Before I know it, they will be out in the world making their own choices.  So for now, I am holding on to them as tight as I can.

Amongst all the happenings of the day, I got out my tripod and we snapped some family photos just before the kids got distracted by a bunny in our neighbor's yard.  Noah was not really into it, but we managed to get a few good ones.

I hope that your Mother's Day was extra special this year.

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