the messy project//reveal day

Today is a super exciting day here at ANNIE AND M.  Today is The Messy Project reveal day!

The Messy Project is the brainchild of Kelly, a super sweet & cute fashion blogger at Messy Dirty Hair.  I stumbled upon her blog earlier this year and fell in love with her Messy Project idea.  So I bravely asked for a spot to participate and was lucky enough to land one for this month!


The Deal:
1 Item
5 Girls
5 Different Looks
1 Major Blog Post Day

My Messy Project pants arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I got right to work putting together a comfy, yet cut outfit.  Things are starting to cool off (slightly) here in Virginia so I created a look that is perfect for Fall weather.  The pants I was given to style an outfit around are super comfy.  They come with a pair of shorts to hide your undies, but were still a bit too sheer for my taste so I wore a pair of footless black tights underneath to make them a bit more modest.  And you can hardly tell I'm wearing them!  Big mamas like me can wear size XL from the junior section so I grabbed this cute sweater and paired it with an aqua infinity scarf and matching braided sandals.  I threw on a bright pink t-shirt under the sweater that I already had on hand for a bright pop of color.  And I borrowed the bracelets and purse from my daughters, who were super thrilled to be adding something little to complete my outfit.

Let me say right now that I do not consider myself to be any sort of fashionista.  My typical outfit is jeans and a t-shirt topped with a cardigan and ballet-style flats for shoes.  Not fancy.  Participating in The Messy Project gave me the opportunity to step out of my shell.  I really needed to do this.  Sometimes I need to be brave and do things that are out of the ordinary just so I know I can.  Doing something different is good for my soul.  How about you?  Are you brave when it comes to fashion?
Now go check out the other girls who rocked these pants!
Kristine @ The Foley Fam
Kelly @ MessyDirtyHair

Thanks Kelli!  It was a blast!


  1. loveeee the idea of the footless rights underneath!! I can't wait for autumn - I adore layering + this outfit looks so dang comfy cozy.. love it!

    1. Thanks Morgan! Yes, the outfit was super comfy. I think I'll be taking these pants with me to the beach this week!

  2. I think you did a great job! I love that sweater! I am soo ready for fall! :)

    1. Thanks Erin, you are super sweet! I am excited for Fall too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Kelly! It was definitely a challenge to come up with a cute outfit but I think I pulled it off alright ;)

  4. I am exactly in your boat! SO much fun stepping out of my comfort zone and actually wearing something I'd never buy myself. Love your color combo as well and the layering. Where is your sweater from? So cute!! Glad you had fun with the project too!

    1. Thanks Kristine! I picked up the sweater at Target. It was a fun challenge to come up with an outfit. I totally love the dress idea that you came up with!!

  5. I LOVE the sweater with the pants! What a pretty color with the black and white.....& the star on the sweater makes it so much for fun!! I love the touch of pink color under the sweater too. I am so glad you showed how to style the pants for fall! THANK YOU for all your hard work on the project!! I could not have asked for a better job! It was so much fun to have you & i hope you will play again soon!! XO


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