summer vacation//part 3//aquarium

We squeezed a day at the aquarium at Virginia Beach into our vacation plans.  It was the one thing I really wanted to do & had been waiting anxiously for months to go.  On the way there, a super friendly cop pulled us over because our window tint was too dark.  Sometimes states have silly laws.  He let us off with a warning & sent us on our way (thank goodness, since we told him we were already pulled over for it once before).  Our window tint has since been removed.  Our day was filled with fish gazing, butterfly spotting & lizard watching .  What is it about fish that makes you want to stare at them endlessly?   Nana and Grandpa also treated us to a 3D movie about fish at their IMAX theatre.  We were all pretty pumped to see a fishy movie on the jumbo screen.  Except Noah.  He was not into it at all.  Especially not when the sharks were swimming around.  To end the day, we took a little boat tour of the bay which was full of boats, a bald eagle, local dogs that roam the docks, and beautiful homes.  It was just the trip inside a trip we needed to give our sunburned skin a break.

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