november recap

November went by in a hurry.  I took an unplanned break from blogging to focus on my kids, home and getting healthy.  My 37th birthday passed quickly and quietly.  I got my hairs cut Friday morning, adding just a hint of lighter brown and red highlights on top for fun.   The Mr. made birthday plans for the weekend but I started feeling icky just an hour before we headed out to eat.  We ditched our plans to eat at a nicer sit down restaurant and see a movie for a quick dinner at Chipotle (our favorite) and a quick shopping trip at Hobby Lobby for crafty supplies.  We told the kids we'd be home by 10 but walked in the door at 7.  They were super disappointed because it shortened their movie night but I needed to crash on the couch.  We had the traditional grocery store donuts (will somebody please open  good donut shop in my town??) on Saturday morning.  I love donuts.  They will be the death of me.

The boys had their final soccer games the same weekend.  We live and breathe soccer in the fall and spring so it's nice to have a little break in-between.  Noah was awarded a medal for playing his little heart out.  Carter's team was made co-champions because the championship game was cancelled due to weather.

To finish off my birthday, we headed to a local fishing spot to take a family photo for our Christmas card.  I've always been too lazy to put a card and family newsletter together but decided this would be the year to get it done.  We had a crazy time trying to get the one perfect shot.  When we arrived, the kids were moody and didn't want to cooperate.  I forgot to style Noah's hair and left his glasses in the drawer of my bedside table.  It was a disaster.  Luckily we only live 10 minutes away, so we piled everyone back in the van, made a mad dash home and back again, set up the tripod (again) and got the perfect shot just before the sun faded through the trees.  I had to share an outtake of the fun.  Tatum's face says it all.

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